Dr. Ernst Grafenberg identified the G-spot in 1950 in his paper “The Role of the Urethra in the Female Orgasm" and found that when touched it would drive a woman “wild”!

It’s now been discovered that it’s not necessarily a spot, but rather an “erotic zone” or a patch of erectile tissue extending from the clitoris legs and bulbs. 


Personally I don’t like the idea that a) a part of the female genitalia is named after a male and b) it’s inaccurate that it’s labeled as a specific ‘spot’. So I would love to re-define the G-Spot as the Goddess Zone, or G-Zone.

So here are some ways you can stimulate your G-Zone:


  1. Use your fingers to locate your G-Zone. It’s important that you know exactly where it is. Insert your fingers 1 - 3cm inside and on the upper wall of the vagina. It should feel like a slightly rough, corrugated texture - similar to the roof of your mouth. When you press on this spot it may feel like a compression against your bladder. The zone expands and engorges when you become aroused.


  2. Do the come hither motion with clitoral stimulation. New research shows how the clitoral erectile tissue extends down into the labia and wraps around the urethra and vestibule (vaginal entrance). Massaging both the clitoris as well as using one or two fingers inside the finger will engorge the G-spot, helping you to squirt ejaculate - a mysterious clear liquid that is released when the Skenes glands (either side of the Urethra) are stimulated. See the diagram below for an in-depth anatomy.


  1. The Sacred Squirter™ to the rescue! If you’re struggling to use your fingers, The Sacred Squirter™ is our best sex toy for G-Spot stimulation. It has a curled handle so you can hold onto it and guide it inside at your desired depth and pace. It is thick and curved with ridges and studs on the top to help pleasure the G-spot. When you pull out the wand from your vagina, that’s usually when you will release squirting fluid! The Sacred Squirter™ literally looks like a ‘tentacle tongue’ and feels like one too!


So whether you’re using your own fingers, your partner’s fingers or using The Sacred Squirter, make sure you stay extra hydrated, lay down lots of towels, and let yourself relax enough to release. 


Love Rosie xo

Photo credit: @elaysariemis




The full anatomy of the Clitoris was only discovered in 1998 by Dr Helen O’Connell.

November 09, 2021 — Rosie Rees