The Medusa is known as the ‘double teaser’ of our luxe glass pleasure wands as it can be used for both g-spot and anal stimulation.

The hooked bulbous end provides the ideal curved angle to help engorge the G-zone erectile tissue to allow for squirting to occur, and the three-tiered bobble end is perfect for beginners anal play, allowing the sphincter to relax around each bulb. One toy with two functions!

Here are some beautiful rituals to practice with your Medusa toy:

  1. Clean & Lube! Clean your wand with warm soapy water or rinse with apple cider vinegar. You can also clean with warm water and lavender oil or tea tree oil. The Medusa is temperature responsive so you can warm it up or cool it down in the freezer and can be used with any lubricant. We suggest our organic plant based lube ‘YES’ or the most delicious massage oil safe to use on your Yoni ‘Yoni Elixir’.


  2. Create a safe, sacred space to experience your self pleasure ritual. Light a candle, put a heater on, lock the door, burn some incense, have a bath — do what you need to do to relax and unwind. For some women using the Medusa may be a sexual act, and for other women it may be a de-armouring practice (internal self massage, read about that here). Either way, when entering our vagina, it’s important that to create a safe place to let go and connect to breath, sound, emotion and movement.


  3. For G-Zone play, insert the wand inside the vagina and pull the wand in and out of the entrance (not all the way in the vagina – just about an inch or so) pressing against the G-Zone - an area of spongey ridged texture which engorges when aroused. By pressing the Medusa on the upper wall of the vagina, you will start to stimulate the G-Zone, swelling it and creating more sensation. We recommend massaging the clitoris and clitoral bulbs to enhance arousal. Make sure you lay down towels on the floor or bed, in case you end up squirting! To read our blog about the G-Zone (and why we don’t call it the G-spot) click here.


  4. For anal play, insert the three tiered bulbous end — starting with one bulb first, and then another, and then another. This is an inviting and gentle way of exploring anal play in a slow, gradual manner, easing the anal sphincter over one ridge at a time. Use lots of lube during anal play! We suggest our YES anal lube.


Made of non-porous, hypoallergenic borosilicate glass, The Medusa comes in pink or clear and is designed for solo play or with a partner. The Medusa is so easy to clean and will last a life time if care for it properly.

I hope you enjoy the feeling of slowing down your self pleasure!


November 09, 2021 — Rosie Rees