The Cervix Serpent™ Glass Dildo Pleasure Wand

$75.00 USD


Do you desire both deep cervical penetration and g-spot stimulation? Following the vagina’s natural curvature, the Cervix Serpent™ is extra-long with a gentle s-bend that hits all the right spots, whilst maintaining an external handle to easily manoeuvre in and out of the vagina. 

With a bulbous, ribbed head for coaxing the g-spot and a finer point for vaginal dearmouing, the Cervix Serpent™ is a best seller for both squirting and cervical self-massage. Everyone can experience deep, internal orgasms and with regular targeted massage the cervix can become highly orgasmic, leading to euphoric, full-bodied orgasms. 

If you experience vaginal pain, tension or numbness during sex or self pleasure, doing a gentle de-armouring practice can help release and soften knots of tension and numbness inside the vagina, which will lead to more pleasure and orgasmic potential.

Best For:

  • Cervical stimulation
  • G-Spot
  • A-Spot
  • Dearmouring


The Cervix Serpent is made of 100% pure borosilicate glass that has been both annealed and tempered, making it the most body-safe, non-porous, hypoallergenic product for internal use. The Cervix Serpent is also temperature responsive, compatible with all lubricants, and can last a lifetime!

How Do I Clean It?

Wash your glass product after each use in warm soapy water or sterilise in boiling hot water with our dildo cleansing spray. Glass toys are the most hygienic sex product as they are non-porous and can be washed in boiling hot water. They also last a lifetime when cared for properly. 


Cervix Serpent 2.0

  • 26cm x 3.8cm thicker end x 1.4cm thinner end (10.2in x 1.49in thicker end x 0.55in thinner end).
  • 223 grams.

Our products are handmade, so slight variation can occur in colour, size, and shape.

What's Included:

  • The Cervix Serpent 2.0 Glass Dildo Pleasure Wand.
  • Velvet branded pouch for safe keeping.

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