The Snuggle Splash Blanket™ - Emerald Green

$65.00 USD

Spill and chill with the new ultra cosy waterproof Snuggle Blanket.

Imagine this: you're chilling on the couch, wrapped in the softest teddy fleece ever, without a worry in the world about spills, mess or accidents.

As one of our most affordable waterproof blankets, the Snuggle Blanket is suitable for folks on a budget while staying super luxe! Specially crafted from top-notch teddy fleece with our signature inner waterproof layer technology, this blanket is a total game-changer. Forget about stressing over ruining your favorite throw with a spill – the Snuggle has got your back, literally!

The ultimate companion for movie marathons, camping trips, beach hangs, Netflix & chilling – you name it! A must-have for every occasion. 


  • One size: Medium 1.2m x 2m (47in x 78.5in) 
  • 100% polyester - ultra soft & stretchy
  • Un-bonded waterproof layer technology 
  • Machine washable. Read full care instructions here
  • Stylish range of colours available 
  • Available in all distribution centres (US, AU, EU & UK)