Splash Blanket™ Bamboo Pillowcase

$30.99 USD

Check out the hottest addition to bedroom bliss: our brand-new waterproof bamboo pillowcase from Splash Blanket. Crafted with top-notch bamboo fabric, it's the ultimate solution for those steamy moments and summer nights.

Just like our velvety covers, this bamboo wonder keeps your pillow safe from any spills, dribbles, or post-shower hair. Whether it's a solo chill session or cozying up with your boo, our pillowcase ensures your pillow stays fresh, clean, and oh-so-hygienic.

Designed to tackle everything from body fluids to oils, this pillowcase is your go-to for all things intimate. So, whether you're lounging, elevating, or getting up close and personal, your pillow remains a sanctuary of comfort and cleanliness. And when it's time for a refresh, just toss it in the wash for effortless maintenance.

Say hello to the ultimate blend of comfort and security with our waterproof bamboo pillowcase from Splash Blanket. Get ready to dive into intimacy without a worry – your pillow's got your back, literally.